The Importance of Safety In Any Construction Project

Demolition it the destructive and messy part of any construction project. It allows you to clear out the old and outdated and start over with a clean slate. When starting a demo project, it’s important to note that it is so much more than just knocking down a building. If not done correctly, there are so many things that can go wrong; that is why having a detailed demolition plan is extremely important.

Old structures can be weak and unpredictable, and without a good demolition safety plan, many people’s lives and well-being could be at stake. A building could fall improperly, injuring people in the process, or unexpected clouds of dust could rise up, polluting the air nearby. Many people assume that demolition is the easy part of any construction job, and while it does take a bit less precision, if it isn’t done correctly, it can also become the most dangerous part of the construction job.
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Tips for staying safe during demolition

During any construction, renovation, or demolition project, the highest level of concern should be given to your safety, the safety of your entire team, and the safety of anyone else in the surrounding area. Here are some essential tips that you can follow in order to ensure your demolition is performed with the utmost care and that no one gets hurt.

Always have a demolition plan: A demolition plan allows you to specifically plan out how the building will be torn down and how all of the debris, including hazardous materials, will be disposed of. Careful consideration must be given to everyone involved, all of the surrounding structures, and any bystanders that may be present. Your demolition plan should include the information of a reliable dumpster rentals company on standby as you must keep the work site clean throughout the demolition project.

Always have your PPE: Your Personal Protective Equipment is extremely valuable in keeping you safe, especially during a construction project. Some examples of PPE that will come in handy include:

  • A hard hat.

  • Safety goggles

  • Earplugs

  • Gloves

  • Fluorescent safety shirts or vests for visibility

  • Steel-toed work boots

  • Respiratory protection

Train everyone involved: What’s the point of PPE if no one knows how to use it? ensure that everyone on the team is knowledgeable about what is involved in the construction project and what is going during each step of the process. Everyone should be familiar with how to use the required equipment and should know each part of the demolition plan. Well-trained employees can help to ensure that each stage of the demolition goes smoothly and according to plan.

Check and double-check: Double and triple-check everything every step of the way. Make sure that you go over your demolition plan more than once, double-check that you have all of the appropriate PPE, and search & re-search the building prior to demolition. You can never be too safe, and giving everything a once, or even twice, over could save someone’s life. Is everyone out of the way? Are the construction dumpsters rented and on stand-by or all ready available onsite? Are all the permits signed?

Use braces to support the structure: An old structure can be unpredictable, meaning that it may not come down in demolition as expected. This could put people or other surrounding structures in danger. Using braces can help support the structure and keep it from collapsing improperly, improving the site’s safety and the safety of everyone involved.

Reduce hazardous dust: Depending on the materials being demolished and the type of demolition that is being done, clouds of hazardous dust may surround the site. This dust can be very dangerous when inhaled and could put your workers and the nearby community in danger. To avoid this, always have water on hand and use it to saturate the building prior to demo and to spray it during demolition in order to keep dust to a minimum. Push all wet debris into your nearest dumpster rental unit to keep the site safe and clean.

Clean up properly afterward: Many people think that once the building comes down, the demolition is over, but in reality, it has just begun. Cleaning up all of the debris, even the tiniest pieces, is vital for the safety of your crew and everyone else. Debris can be a tripping hazard. It can contain dangerous material or lead to many other types of injuries. That’s why it is important to use the right dumpster rental company for your project. Reliable on-time delivery of your dumpster rentals is as important as the on-time pick-up of the dumpster. With any big construction project, you are going to need multiple roll-off dumpsters to keep the area clean and speed up the renovation process.
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Placing demolition safety as your priority will ensure that your demolition goes smoothly and that everyone involved stays as safe as possible. Taking down a building or performing any type of renovation can be extremely dangerous if not done correctly. So, creating and implementing a well-thought-out demolition plan, using proper protective equipment, keeping the site clean at all times, and ensuring that every stage of the demolition is checked and then double-checked again will keep your entire team, as well as the whole surrounding area, well-protected.

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